Formby Ladies Golf Club

Andrew Witherup and his team offer a broad scope of golf tuition which is suited to all ages and abilities. Tuition can be personalised to meet an individual needs or taken as a group. Golf tuition is available 7 days a week and covers all aspects of the game.

On course tuition is also available, helping players to develop individual strategies on shot selection, club selection and course management techniques which can help improve their overall game.

Finally, Andrews Professional Team is also proud to offer a state of the art indoor coaching facility with the use of GASP LAB and SkyTrack Launch Monitor. This facility uses video analysis to focus on specific areas of a player’s technique. The technology allows us to record, analyse and evaluate a golfer’s swing. This powerful visualisation capability can help the golfer to relate better to their golf swing and those aspects of the swing which they are looking to improve

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